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VideoPad 3.89 Released


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Release Note for v3.89:

  • Can now import sequences from other projects to current project.
  • Recording resolution can now be selected from a pull-down list.
  • Added goto previous/next clip edge buttons on sequence playback control.
  • Adjustments on preview control panel appearance.
  • Sequence zooming control have beem moved under the timeline. Zooming slider behavour has been improved.
  • Clips on sequence can now be 'un-split'. Please note in order to be able to 'un-split' two clips, they have to statisfy the conditions below:
    • They are from the same media file.
    • The left clip's out point must match the right clip's in point.
    • The effects chain on both clips must be matched.

    [*]Added widget for Border effect.

    [*]Crop effect has been split into Crop and Zoom effects.

    [*]Moved green screen effect to effects dialogue.

    [*]Show linked icon on sequence clips.

    [*]Sequence timeline context menus now are more consistent.

    [*]Fixed a bug where Restore Linked Audio caused crashes.

    [*]When exporting video in H.264 format. VideoPad will perform lossless transcoding whenever possible. It will increase exporting speed dramatically while maintain the original quality of the video. Lossless transcoding can only be applied to non-altered(no overlaying, effect and transitions) sections.

Best Regards.

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I just downloaded this to try. I was very impressed until I tried to export a video, when it asked me to install x264enc7.exe from your website. I would have done, except it's not available. Is this a consequence of the new version? When will it be available?


Thank you.



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x264enc7.exe is a new codec component used by most of the formats but not all of them.


It should be downloaded automatically from our server when start exporting. Normally you won't even notice if you have a fast internet connection.



Best regards.

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