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Bundles and BOMs


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Hi all, can anyone help with my bundle quandary?


I've added all my inventory components and began the process of assigning a BOM to a 'finished product' inventory item. I was expecting it to automatically tally an availability that reflected the lowest available quantity component on the BOM. However I'm getting greyed out availability of zero, and hence when I add a sale I'm told there is 'insufficient stock'.




I sell an order of 10 identical products. The BOM specifies the type/number of components that go into making each finished product and reduces the available stock quantity by x10. This isn't happening


It also seems like there's a max number of components that can be added to the BOM dialogue - our BOM consists of 30-40 parts but even if I add them all it doesn't seem to save them all when I go back in to look.


Please help!


Thanks v much.

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