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Infinity foot pedal not working with Express Scribe Pro


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I just bought an Infinity usb foot pedal and cannot get it to work. I also bought the Express Scribe Pro software, the 5.69 version. On the web page of NCH it shows the footpedal that I have and states that it is compatiable with the pro version. I originally only had the free version of Express Scribe, but becasue the pedal wouldn't work I bought the pro version. i thought that the pedal and the program would just work together, but I was wrong about that. Anyway the two computers I have are both running different OS. The one is Windows 7 and the other is Windows XP.


When I plug the footpedal in my computer installs the drivers but when I go to the controller wixard set up in Express Scribe there is noting in the plug and play option box. It says "no compatiable plug and play controllers detected" which blows my mind since the webpage says the pedal I bought is compatiable. When I click on the "show plug and play controller diagnostics" it tells me this:


Plug and play controller diagnostics for Express Scribe Transcription Software (Registered) v 5.69 (Windows 6.0):


USB device

Vendor ID: 0x05F3

Product ID: 0x00FE

Revision: 0x0100

Product string: Digital Voice USB Footpedal

Path: \\?\hid#vid_05f3&pid_00fe#7&1aab04a4&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}

Usage page: 12

Model data: N/A

Key: N/A


--- End ---


Does anyone have any ideas of what I need to do to get the program and the footpedal to work together? I've got some transcriptions backing up and want to try to get this all figured out as soon as possible.


Thanks in advance for any advice or help anyone can provide.

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Hey there rogue9, I got a 2nd hand Infinity foot pedal off ebay and have had the same problem although I was trying to use the free version which I know doesn't work with the free version (I have to buy the pro version) but through my efforts to trouble shoot the problem I'm now aware that the Infinity model number I have purchased is IN-FTRUSB which will only work with the transcription software from 'fortherecord.com' - a legal software Co producing various tools for court and police work. The only Infinity units that will work with Express Scribe are the ones marked IN-USB1 or IN-USB2. At least that's my current understanding of the situation I'm in anyway. What's the model # of your unit?

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