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Files are locked or read Only

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Quite often when I want to edit the info of a song.

I get a message:

There are [#OF Files] that are not displayed because they are locked or read Only

There are [#OF Files] that are Blank (empty)

Please make sure no other media players are playing the file and they are not read-only then those files can be displayed.


Where can i go to check and see what is locking these files. I have no player playing. And where can you go to see if they are read Only..




Thanks BBryan

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In Windows Explorer, right click the file and choose properties. At the bottom of the new window, you'll see Attributes. If a file is Read-only, it should show there.


In Stamp, under Options, you can uncheck Warn when write access is denied, and you won't see those messages anymore.

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