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Scrolling Text- 1/2 of text gone


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Help! I have videos that the scrolling text only displays 1/2 of the statement. You can see the correct version and the incorrect version here:




In the editor all of the text is there. I used the same text clips to put in each sequence but for some reason some videos came out with the messed up text.


I've been playing around with it- expanding the clip length. Trying to make the text smaller...nothing is working.


Thank you!

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I can't reproduce this effect with Version 3.79. Every scrolling text I tried (different lengths/sizes-even multiple lines) worked OK when outputted to my PC. as an avi.file. Are you exporting directly to UT from VP? There might be a problem there, particularly if the original clip played OK in the editor.



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I am using 3.81. Downloading new version now.

I export to a .mp4 then upload to YT, never directly to YT from VP.


The crazy thing is the first 3 sequences used the text just fine. It was 3-6 that came out messed up. I've shortened text and tried again and the same thing happened. Hopefully the update fixes this.

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