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VideoPad text editor seems to lack rich text features

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I really like VideoPad, but there's something I don't get:


Is it just me, or is the VideoPad text editor a bit brain dead?


Text attributes get applied to everything in the text clip, which make it impossible to mix fonts, or even font sizes, in the one text clip. It's virtually impossible to create a decent scrolling credits list containing different sized fonts or bold headings, for instance.


I think VideoPad needs a proper rich text editor for text clips. It seems to be as bad as Windows Movie Maker in this respect. Or am I missing something here?




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Hi Greyam


If you are really stuck and desperately want something, you can create a limited mixed font/size heading using multiple overlays of your texts, each set with a different position and with a different font or size.

These would have to be static or use side to side scrolling as vertical movement would be very difficult to reproduce at the same speed. In most cases when I have wanted something like this I have used a third party graphics program to create a "Title" image and then scrolled this, but again, its limiting. I rather like the idea of a rich text editor.


I think it would also be useful if the font list was displayed with the font names actually written in the particular font as one gets a much better idea of what each one looks like. (My graphics editor actually does this, so it can,t be too difficult to implement. This forum editor does it as well but with a limited number of fonts)

I mean..........do you know what Egyptian505 Md BT actually looks like?? If you have it on your PC it might be just what you are looking for.

Here's an example of multiple fonts on the same screen using overlays. They can all scroll either together or independantly.





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