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New to Copper...would like some feedback please....


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Thought I'd try Copper as a POS program but would like to ask others about it before I take the plunge. I presently have a very small business where I have very little inventory, much of it is special order. I presently use EMS+ to accept credit cards and it does have a little inventory program but is not very robust. I also have a thermal receipt printer "Woosim" that works with my iPhone or Android but I'd like to use my laptop or Tablet. Can I assume that Copper only does the POS and no inventory? And if so, I understand they also have an inventory program that syncs with Copper. Would I still be able to use my EMS+ CC company or would I have to change? How do you like this software? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Well you asked if Copper has inventory. Well its does but doesn't. You can add items into your Copper system but if you want a inventory setup its best too get Inventoria and you can sync up copper with inventoria. Also with your CC Company it may or mayn't, it depends if your CC Company supports one of the four online gateway systems that Copper uses which are Authorize.net, Eway, Legacy Paypal (which isn't for new accounts), and Paypal PayFlow Pro. The last two for paypal I would assume are exclusive too paypal. Eway I'm not familiar with. I use Authorize.net and works really well for me. I also really like this software, works flawlessly and the fact I can create multiple users makes it a great option.

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