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Wonder if anyone has experienced this...


Tracks(mp3s) distorted and breaking up in playback. These tracks play properly in Windows Media Payer, but now not with WavePad or MixPad.


In MixPad if my screen cursor is hovering over the main screen during playback there's distortion. When I move the cursor away from main screen the distortion stops immediately...and vice versa . WEIRD !


I have uninstalled and reinstalled both programs, and have tried Windows System Restore.

Everything on WavePad is still distorted..and on MixPad...it depends where the cursor is on the screen as to whether distortion occurs or not.

Help anyone ?



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I too have a distortion problem when converting a great sounding wav file to an mp3. There's a distortion sound once converted that I can't put into words or explain. I've had it for a year. I've tried everything. I have tried two different computers and two different operating systems and its still the same. It's wavepad for sure and I should have changed to some other audio editor long ago. I sent tech support an email and hold out no hope of them fixing it. I'll be looking for something else.

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I'm having difficulty understanding what is being reported here - I'm going to do some experimenting to see if I can duplicate the issue myself.


But let me initially state: use NCH's 'Switch' to convert wav files to mp3. works like a charm!


edit to add: I have putzed around loading mp3s into WavePad and can find no problems with them. My workflow/usage of the software may be quite different than yours.

Can you please provide more information? Are you using WavePad to convert to mp3? What quality encoding are the mp3s? What are you doing in MixPad with your mp3s?


I hate to see the program (WavePad) getting blamed when...........

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i don't have the answer but I do have the problem, sometimes, I have recorded a chapter of material and I have listened back from time to time taking out breathes ect... but I will save add some more then go back and the 1st part has like an echoey sound ( I guess you could call it distortion) the 2 nd problem I am having when that is not happening, is if I upload a file to another site, on my computer the audio sounds good and normal, when I up load and play back it has that echoey sound to it, so it makes it sound bad.

so any thoughts or help to fix it ? thank you

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