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Where Is Audio?

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My Mic: Realtek HD Audio Input

Realtek HD Audio Output


(I can hear my normal voice speaking only when I choose Logitech USB Headset in the audio options, which is the microphone I am using, and click "Preview." That is the only setting where I get any voice or anything at all out of Voxal. However, I do not know if this will record or not. I want the voice changing feature.)


Selecting the Realtek audio software and clicking the Preview button, I get "Successfully Processed" (in place of No Active Microphone), and the flickering colored line jumping across the page to indicate the audio is on. But I hear no voice. There is nothing--no screeching or any of those obnoxious sounds when the audio needs adjusting. It seems like it should work, but there is nothing.


I even went into my PhotoStage and recorded one segment of my documentary just to see what would happen, and lo and behold, it printed just as if it was working right. But I get no audio at all, even though it looks like the audio is working and printing in my PhotoStage. Help please! :(

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