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Was wondering if anyone knows when you open the invoice list if there a quick way of seeing which invoices have been sent off/emailed to customer, I currently write in the private comments tab once I have opened the invoice and type in that I have emailed it. But it would be good to have an extra column when in the invoice list screen that says invoice has been sent.

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On your main computer invoice list, you can right click (or use command + L on the Mac keyboard) on any invoice to look at the log. That will tell you if an email was sent.


In the web access invoice list, the second to last button to the right is the log. Click on that to see whether it was emailed or not.


Hope that helps!



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You do not state how many invoices you are sending out per time frame. But, I can't see why it would not work for a large number of invoices, as it does for me with a few invoices being emailed per week from my iPad.


Here is my tip, but it requires some planning to include the Invoice Number in the SUBJECT line of your email, and not just accept the default wording from NCH. (I find very little of the default body wording helpful - deciding on my own wording & format.)


Then simply.... just view & reconcile your SENT email mailbox. The subject line displays the Invoice Number.


NB. Of course, It is habit when making an invoice, at the time of completion, email it straight away.



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