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I just purchased photostage. I made a slideshow of pictures and a couple of songs. (No file has been moved.) When I saved it using "Save Slideshow...", I chose .mp4. The file created could not be opened with QuickTime. (I have the last version.) Then photostage crashed. Now, when I click on the file to open it, I am asked if it crashed, I click yes, then it says that some of the files could not be found. They will be shown in red. I click ok. But, there are no files listed in red. After all of the files are loaded, I get the error: Abnormal Signal Crash ... you received a "SIGNAL10" exception code. Regardless of what I click, I get a spinning ball (Mac) and the program freezes. I have repeated this often. Does anyone have any ideas to help me?


I have sent a couple email to NCH, but they have not responded. It seems to me that if I buy a program, it should work. Why should I need to pay to get help for a program, when I understand the basics, in order to get it to work? It seems just plain wrong.

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