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Syncing Questions with inventoria


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Hello Folks


I've looked through all the forum posts about syncing with inventoria. Neither of these has really have gave the answer I need.


So here it is and hope I don't confuse anyone.


Currently I have three servers. Server one is Express Invoice, Server two is Inventoria, and server three is Copper.


Express invoice is going to be synced with Inventoria and I would like too sync copper with inventoria.


However the thing is my two POS Terminals are in the front of the store. These two terminals I was also going to install Copper and then set the terminals up access the Copper server in the back of the store. That way on both terminals all my employees can just simply login based on the user accounts from the server. I was hoping Copper had a web interface which I noticed it doesn't. Now I want my copper server to obviously be a server for those terminals but I wanted to sync the server with inventoria as well. When I'm in the sync apps option its only letting me select one or the other.


So I hope everyone understand what I'm asking and can help me with this question.

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