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spontaneous opening of NCH express dictate website in browser


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I've been encountering a problem where the web browser will open spontaneously at different times in the week, sometimes in the middle of the night and will remain open until I see it and close it. It always opens to this NCH dictate software product page:




sometimes it will open multiple instances of that page if I am away from the computer for several days or over a weekend.


current version of ED is 5.82 (upgraded couple weeks ago)


previous version was 5.53


any ideas about how to deal with this irritating problem would be greatly appreciated!





windows 7 home

i3-2100 w/ 8gb ram

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The software is registered, as was the previous version as well, so I do not think that is the problem. As far as the "how're we doing" part, i'm not sure about that either. The page that comes up is the landing page for the product. promo, description, download, and purchase links. I presume you are meaning a feedback link for whether or not the customer is satisfied with the product, but i don't see that on the page. Any other possibilities that might account for it doing this?

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