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iPad App version 4.28 - 11 November 2014

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Hi iPad App users,


I am an experienced user of Express Invoice - iPad version. I am experiencing some bug issues with the latest Version 4.28 (update 11 November 2014).


The App icon has changed ??? (The icon is displayed like it has been zoomed IN with 50% of the outer icon gone.)

The finger touching on the screen is VERY unresponsive - for example in the 'Open Invoice List'.  Or when editing an invoice. (Too many more to list.)

The font is in automatic Bold mode for the 'Note comment' & the 'Foot comment' in 'Preferences/Invoice'. How to turn Bold mode off???

The colour scheme of light blue at the bottom of the screen in the 'Open Invoice List' is terrible (a massive backwards step) when the colour scheme was fantastic in the previous version.


A major issue is preventing me from doing any professional invoices in this iPad App version is for description only (non charge items). A "0" in the "Qty" column now appears inappropriately and makes for a compromised invoice presentation. (The previous version did not have this issue.)


I would like to know if there are iPad users of Express Invoice experiencing similar issues since the release of Version 4.28. Does anyone know if it possible to switch back to the previous version 4.10 (update 13 June 2014)? Thank you.


[Note: I have reported these bug issues to the developers twice i.e., 13 November 2014, 1 December 2014.]


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Ummm....There has been no whirlwind of replies on this forum. Has anyone experienced the same 'bug issues' in the latest iPad version? Anyone? (The developers have had two months to acknowledge these very fundamental bug issues exist by releasing a new update for the iPad App.)

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Joshb, Thank you for replying. (It has been a long wait.) I am interested to know if you or anyone else experienced similar issues in the 11 November 2014 iPad App version? The new release will be very welcomed by myself and iPad users, and hopefully pending very soon for release by the developers. Testing??? My hand is up to be a beta tester BEFORE the release.

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