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Cannot get any response from NCH regarding Debut issues

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I know this is not the place to post such a message, but I am doing it because I cannot get anyone from NCH to respond to my emails. I am needing to get a refund for Debut, which is a good program, but just doesn't work for my situation. I sent two messages to them requesting a refund, and never received any response, and now I have had the product for more than 30 days and I'm not eligible for a refund. I have used several products by NCH which I really like, but I am losing faith in this company because they are unresponsive, and I will probably not use any more of their products unless I can get a response. I am just hoping that someone from NCH will see this message and respond to me.

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My experience as been quite different; it involves using a TV as the monitor. I have had many e-mails attempting to find a solution to my problem. Although not yet fixed t has been passed to the developers, who hopefully, will find a solution.

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