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Beware: large images can result in gigantic video file

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This is a fantastic product, and I'm glad I purchased it, but I do have one problem with it:


I typically import a folder containing 90 JPG images, totaling around 250 Mb, to create a 30 minute slideshow in AVI format. If none of the images in the folder are over 10 Mb, the resulting output AVI will be about 300 Mb in size, which is fine, being not much larger than size of the image collection itself. But if there a even a few images of 10 to 30 Mb in size each, the resulting AVI output file will be over 3 Gb, which is astonishing - and would chew up an unacceptable amount of storage space.


I don't add any soundtrack, have only 0.5 second crossfade transitions, and I set the output quality to 1920 x 1080. I can't imagine what is taking up all the extra Gigabytes of space. When I playback the video it looks pretty much the same as what I get if I ensure all the images are under 10 Mb in size. It would be great if the program could just reduce the images to the specified output (i.e. 1920 x 1080 in this case) on the fly, without generating a huge file.

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