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You could create two TEXT clips, one containing normal text words that leave spaces for the italicized words in the other clip.


Stack them above each other on tracks that are higher than the main video. In the CLIP preview window, click and drag the text in one of the clips to line up with the other.



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Thanks so much. I knew it was something like that and I *am* now closer. After some struggle, I got it working. Kind of. But (1) I don't have much control over vertical placement and (2) for some reason two clips of the same duration stacked on top of each other are not displaying for the same length of time. But the worst is that when the text runs on to a second line, the second line takes a haircut; the tops of the letters are cut off. I tried different type sizes but it goes from bad to worse.


So, any comments are welcome because I'd certainly like to know if I can do more than I think I can. But, in this case, it looks like I'll be best off displaying the author first followed by the title of the work.


But, very seriously, thank you very much for such a quick and helpful reply.



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With a single line text, leave a gap sufficient for the italic word/s. Set the position and justification and add the text frame (image) to the 1st overlay track (Video Track 2). Pull out the track so it has the desired duration.


Create you italic text image using the same font size/position etc. and place it onto the next overlay track (Video Track 3). Drag it out so it has the same duration as the normal text image on Video Track 2.

Preview the line up.

Adjust the gap in the normal text if necessary.

Apply the POSITION effect to the italic text image and in the effects preview window drag it about so it fits into the gap you left in the normal text. Note: Italic text requires a slightly larger space for the equivalent normal text, and some adjust may be required depending on the font chosen.


If you use several lines of normal text and want to insert several italic words, leave gaps as described above for each word and create a separate text image for each italic word. Add these to separate overlay tracks and adjust the position of each using the POSITION effect.. It's easier to do this than try to creat a single italic line with all the words spaced out and hope to make that fit.


e.g. http://i.pictr.com/dgd1v18lyt.bmp



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Thank you soooooo much. I would never have found "position" as an effect. I even have them fading in and out separately. Very cool.


And thanks for the info about italic size. After many years of working with type, I didn't know that. It didn't actually matter in this instance, but I'm sure it will be good to know.



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