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Preventing auto audio fade out at end of video

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I've noticed that every video file that I export contains an audio fade out, which is automatically added by the software and is about 1 second long. This is not desired. How do I prevent the software from adding this fade out upon export?



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Upon closer inspection both MPG(2) and Mp4 EXPORTS display this behavior In the latest version, despite the fact that no fades are programmed on the timeline.

To get around this you might add a blank clip the the end of the timeline.

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Is this an actual FADE, or is there a SILENT one second at the end of the clip? If there is a VP generated fade you will see a black line running along the centre of the soundtrack and then sloping down diagonally at the end.

What type of video clip are you editing?

I see this effect with both MPEG4 and MPEG 2 clips.



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Well, it is definitely a "fade" in that I can hear the audio volume gradually decrease over the 1 second span. This fade behavior is not present in the source. I cannot see a black line sloping down on the timeline, and the fade behavior is not present when previewing the video. It appears that the fade is added during the export process.


I am exporting to .MP4.

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