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Express Accounts and Inventoria Sync

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I have express accounts and inventoria installed on the same computer. I have linked inventoria to express accounts and can see the items loaded into inventoria from express accounts.


When I edit or add items in inventoria, I am not seeing the change on the express accounts side. I have to delete all items in inventoria, then reload them with changes in order to see the new items in express accounts.


What is the nature of the sync? Normally should the changes in inventoria automatically update in express accounts? Is this happening because both programs are on the same computer?

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Well, inventoria sends the items to express accounts and from what I understand you can update quantity from express accounts to inventoria, so that does seem like 2 way communication. I guess my question was - is the sync between inventoria and express accounts sustained. For example, I want to sell widget xyz in express accounts but it does not exist in inventoria. I add widget xyz to inventoria and my expectation was that I would see this new item xyz in express accounts automatically when adding items to a sales order for example. I am trying to figure out if I have a hardware issue or is this just a limitation of the software.

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In my other life, I am a computer programmer and have worked with interfaces between applications. One or both of the applications should have a process thread that initiates a sync based on an event, this event could be a time interval or a transaction. I am new to Express Accounting and Inventoria but based on the fact there is no place to define a time interval, my assumption is that the interface is based on a transaction event. There is one other possible event that could initiate the sync, remember I am new to NCH software, and that is the "click the 'Update Now' button event". I hope it isn't that, as I learn more about the software hopefully I can add more details.



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