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Express Accounts between 2 computers

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Apologies mate, I don't have an answer, but I do have the same problem. I purchased two licenses for my office, one for me, the boss, and one for the bookkeeper. We cannot get them to talk to each other. We have tried Web Access and each other's sign in details but neither work.


If you find the answer please let me know and I will do the same.

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Hi Gerrit and nfotx,


Even though the vendor, NCH Software, says it can't be done, there is actually a way but there is of course dangers to this method I am about to tell you; I'll mention the dangers later. The way to do it is to use a network drive (in the description below this drive will be referred to as X:) and point the two PC to the same location on the network drive. Here are the steps:

  1. Exit out of ALL runnin NCH Software, including any services that maybe running.
  2. Open a command processor prompt from the start menu, this is also known as CMD or C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe (Windows 7)
  3. Go to your Network drive by typing:

    1. X:

[*]Create a "NCH Software" directory on your network drive and do the following:

  1. md "NCH Software"
  2. cd "NCH Software"
  3. md ExpressAccounts
  4. md ExpressInvoice
  5. md Inventoria

[*]Go back to your C: drive and do the following (directory ProgramData is a hidden directory):

  1. C:
  2. cd "\ProgramData\NCH Software"
  3. ren ExpressAccounts ExpressAccounts2
  4. ren ExpressInvoice ExpressInvoice2
  5. ren Inventoria Inventoria2
  6. mklink /d ExpressAccounts "x:\NCH Software\ExpressAccounts"
  7. mklink /d ExpressInvoice "x:\NCH Software\ExpressInvoice"
  8. mklink /d Inventoria "x:\NCH Software\Inventoria"
  9. xcopy /s /h /v ExpressAccounts2 ExpressAccounts
  10. xcopy /s /h /v ExpressInvoice2 ExpressInvoice
  11. xcopy /s /h /v Inventoria2 Inventoria

[*]On your second PC (or any other PC that needs to access the shared data), do the following from a command processor prompt (CMD like in step 2):

  1. cd \ProgramData
  2. ren ExpressAccounts ExpressAccounts2
  3. ren ExpressInvoice ExpressInvoice2
  4. ren Inventoria Inventoria2
  5. mklink /d ExpressAccouns "x:\NCH Software\ExpressAccounts"
  6. mklink /d ExpressInvoice "x:\NCH Software\ExpressInvoice"
  7. mklink /d Inventoria "x:\NCH Software\Inventoria"

[*]Start up all your NCH Software on all your PCs.

I didn't do a lot of testing but Inventoria seemed to work but I didn't test anything else. Now for the dangers:

  1. NCH Software did not design the software to handle file and record locking in this way. If multiple users are accessing the same data at the same time and they are updating data at the same time, some of the updates may be lost.
  2. After an update is made by one user, the update may not appear for other users until Inventoria refreshes it's view of the database, reselecting one of your filter setting should refresh Inventoria.

If you attempt to use this method do some testing. If you have only two people, one during the day, the Boss, and the other in the evening, the bookkeeper, it may work with no problems.



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