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Audio playback speed is slow...

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Good evening...


A WAV file added to a project plays back at around 10% too slow. I have other WAV file software (Audicity, Wavesaur, Reaper etc...) which all play at the correct tempo. Does anyone recognise this problem and, even better, how to fix it..? The application, ver 3.72 is freshly installed with all default values on XP 32-bit, SP3. All the 'Preferences' are standard, the video playback speed is the default 100%.

Any ideas, folks..?

Thanks in advance for any help offered; meanwhile...

Have a nice day


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Put the file up on a server and link to it here, and someone will test it.


Here we go,on my Google drive...




...plays back at 120 with audio apps, plays back more like 105 when imported into (new, default, empty...) Video project..

Thanks for the interest shown; hope a solution can be found.

Let me know, of course, if there's any problem obtaining the file.

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Can't get your example to play but I haven't noticed the effect you mention here with version 3.72.

A wav file of 23 min 5 sec length (253 Mb) was 23 minutes 5 seconds long when placed on the VP timeline soundtrack.


When played in VP there was no change in pitch or speed when compared with the response in Windows media player, Irfanview and VLC which also showed 23 min 5 seconds as the length.


Check that your clip speed setting is 100%



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Thanks for testing this, Nat. Yes, I have checked (and double-checked, and checked again..!) the clip speed, which is 100%; I've never had any reason to change this. This problem has only occurred since installing the most recent version. I use this editor only very rarely; the previous video I did was 2013. I didn't need to upgrade, I just thought I may as well before starting my current modest work. I used my previous video as a base, or template, for my current project. I'll start again completely from zero and see what happens.

This is only for a few minutes of soundtrack over a photo for some colleagues on another forum, so is of very low importance in the grand scheme of things. I've not yet really started, so nothing has yet been lost nor wasted (well, a bit of time on your part and a couple of evenings for me, but, being retired now, my time hardly counts...).

Leave it for now with a question mark, and I'll try again from a clean slate. I gather that this is not a frequently recurring, well-known 'feature' (read 'bug'..!); that, at least, is comforting, I suppose.

I'll be back in a while with the result of my trials.

Thanks again; back soon.


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