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Cannot understand and fiend information how to use command line on Mac OS

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There is a Mac specific manual for Doxillion, but it doesn't contain the command line functions. All of the Windows command line functions should work, as long as they're invoked OSX style. For example, instead of Doxillion.exe -show you'd use /Applications/Doxillion.app/Contents/MacOS/Doxillion -show


From the Doxillion Windows Help:



The options are:


-convert - convert all files loaded into Doxillion.


-addfolder [FOLDER_NAME] - add a folder of files into Doxillion.


-format [FORMAT_NAME] - specify the output file format to convert the loaded files to. The format names are the file extensions for each format (e.g. .doc, .rtf).


-outfolder [FOLDER_NAME] - specify the output folder to store the converted files. Do NOT end the folder path with a backslash '\' character.


-overwrite [OVERWRITE_FLAG] - specifies what to do when the converted file already exists. The flags are "PROMPT" (Prompt for What to Do), "ALWAYS" (Overwrite the File), "NEVER" (Don't Convert the Original File), "CANCEL" (Abort All Conversions).


-clear - clear the Doxillion file list window.


-hide - hide the Doxillion window.


-show - show the Doxillion window.


-exit - exit Doxillion.

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