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How To Record Real Time Clock

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Hello All ~


I've been using Debut Professional for a few years to record streaming video of live eagles' nests. I would like to be able to also record a real-time clock but every desktop clock I've tried is not captured during the recording process. I've seen it done on others' recordings but I can't figure out how they do it. Here's an example:


Anyone know how this is done?


Thanks in advance.

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I realise that DragonLainey's clock* is small and discreet, but have you tried using Debut's built-in clock? See this thread.


Despite that clock being so 'small and discreet', I don't use one like that because of my personal need to include copyright/accreditation, which you can do with Debut. That clock might be part of the recording software DL uses, or it might be a standalone app. I never found that when I was looking for a clock, I'll keep my eye open for it.

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My No1 illness is ospreyitis, but I did 'meet' the ospreys via the Decorah eagles in the very first place. To say that raptors are infectious is putting it mildly!


I hope you get sorted - my timeline:


%HH% %MIN% %SS%


gives a 24-hour clock, say:


17 44 48 (that's hours, minutes, seconds, in 24-hour clock format - I don't punctuate it, but you can).

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