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Printing Receipts


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Hi All


Firstly, thank you for the amazing Free POS for Mac. I have not used it with a cash draw or a scanner yet, but im only setting up my store, so still in test and training, and so far it more than meets my needs.


I am however having problems printing receipts. Im using an A4 printer, and the receipt font is large and spread over two pages. I can email the receipt to myself as a PDF for a work around, and choose scale to one page then print. But I would prefer for the programe just to print the the printer and not have to much around eamailing, etc.


I would idealy like it to print to A5, but A4 is fine.


So is there a setting in not seeing that should be set? Im using the MAC version and its the latest, as the inport products has been fixed, really quickly might I add.






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Please check Preferences -> Regional -> Print Settings -> Paper Size. This determines the paper size if you are not using "small-size" receipts. On mine, sometimes it defaults to "legal" which could explain why you're getting two pages.


On Windows, the Preferences button is called Options.

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Hi Apstewart


Thank you for you reply. Im using a MAC and the settings are set for A4, and small size receipts are off. So my setting are correct. But thank you for tying to help me. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next release version? Its an amazing program. The only other issue I have is if you send the receipt via email, it always wants to open the email in mail, and not the email client I'm using. No big issue.

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