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I am having a issues connecting to my Express Invoice. MY express invoice was connected to my LAN network for my secretary to connect too so she can do quotations etc. However, we encountered some issues and I restored my Express Invoice to a earlier back up. Having done this, I was unable to access my Express Invoice through the LAN Network. Every time I try, I get the message stated below:-


document.cookie 'expressinvoice_sess=sbptquyra6:path=/';windowlocation = 'main';


Can someone please advise me on a way forward?

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- Make sure your Web access is turned on in Options.

- Try to log on from a different browser: Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.


If it does not help Uninstall and Re-install Express Invoice. Turn on Web access and check if it works before restoring data.

If nothing helps, contact 'Technical Support'.

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You don't have to buy Express Invoice if you purchased it in the past, but if you purchased a long time ago, then your license will only work with the version that was current at the time of purchase. If you don't have the installation file for an older version and need it, please open a support ticket at http://www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html and our technical support team will be able to provide you with the installation file that you need.

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When you have Express Invoice on one computer, it is your host. You turn on web access from that computer for other ones to access it. You do not install Express Invoice on the other computers. If you do, it will not sync with your host one.


In your PREFERENCES, go to WEB ACCESS. This will provide check boxes for local and internet access. Basically, anyone on your local network (in your office or home) uses the local. They would put that Local Network address provided into their browser's address bar and then log in with the user name and password you have provided them. Anyone not in your local office or home would use the Internet address in their browser's address bar.


You can provide user names and passwords in the WEB ACCOUNTS portion of the PREFERENCES. When you click ADD, it will pop up a box that gives you a place to give them a user name and password, as well as determine what kind of access they can have in Express Invoice.


Hope this helps!

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