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Syncing Terminals


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Hi all,


I would imagine this question has been asked previously, however after looking through the threads I was unable to find a solution.


Basically I have established Copper in a server & Terminal type installation.


On the server:

- Under the Sync Apps - Networking Tab ticked Allow Access via LAN

- Under Sync Apps - selected Allow Copper to act as server and generated a Auth Code.



- Allowed Networking via LAN

- Synchronized the installations of Copper and entered the credentials.


With the above in place the terminals have access to my inventory items however transactions and config changes such as Company name etc are failing to sync.


Is there an additional step to required to sync the terminals?

I had a play around in Service Settings in the General tab in the hope it was a matter of logging each terminal into an account generated by the Server.


Any help is much appreciated I am struggling to find support documents pertaining to terminal configuration.

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