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sigle ithems - price not incl. but excl. tax


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Hallo Community, how can I show single products in my invoice excluding tax .. the tax should be only disappear in the end of the invoice. The single products should shown only price without taxas. Now they are shown incl taxes and in the whole price at the end of the invoice there is the whole price without and within tax shown.



Can you help??

Thank you!


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Your invoice seems to be showing the opposite of what you are saying. The price in the item line is not showing tax. .45 x 5 = 2.25. The tax is down below where it should be. If the .45 is the price including taxes, you would adjust that when you add the item to your invoice. You can change the price and tell it to remember the change.

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Hallo, maybe I describe it not very good:

the prices in the below are ok 7 + 2.25 = 9.25 (this is the correct endprice including tax!)


I need to show prices WITHOUT tax in the products view - in that case it should look like this:


5x Product 1 = 0.42 - 2.10 (price without tax)

1x Product 2 = 5.88 - 5.88 (price without tax)



Summe: 7,98

tax 7%: 0.15

tax 19%: 1,12


All: 9,25


When I change the price of the product (to the price without tax), so in the end I do not get 9.25!

Thank you

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7.98 * 7% is .56. 7.98 * 19% is 1.52. Is the 5.88 not taxable? That would make sense then.


I'm not sure I'm following your problem here, but if you go into your preferences, you can change the way the tax is assessed. You can click to say whether the tax is included in the price or not. You can also adjust the percentages as necessary to get the correct answer.

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If I change in the preferences "Products has got tax in it" to NO, the endprice will be also showing WITHOUT tax, but I need it to be shown INCLUDING TAX, only the product prices should be shown WITHOUT tax!

How can I get this view :


Product price 8,40 Euro



19% 1,60 Euro

TOTAL: 10,00 Euro



Thank you!

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I'm not sure what to tell you from here. My Express Invoice does what you are trying to do.

  • Make sure your taxes are set up correctly in the preferences section, under Tax.
  • In the box for Tax in Preferences, "By default items have this tax rate" I have "No Tax" selected
  • Same box, uncheck the two selections - Item prices are tax inclusive, and By default new customers are tax exempt
  • In Create Invoice, Add Item box, "Tax" - make sure the proper tax is selected.
  • In Create Invoice, Add Item box, the price should not include the tax. Change it to be the actual price if necessary.
  • If using EI on the main computer and not web access: In Create Invoice, after adding an item, look at what it lists under the Tax column. You can change it here also.

With these settings, I get the price listed in the upper section without tax included. I get the tax listed just above the Total in the lower section.


I am using version 3.99 on a Mac.

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I was to fast happy...

now I got the problem here:

Product1 199,99 inkl tax (excl i set to 168,06) + Product2 incl 49,90 (excl I set to 41,93) - now the whole payment is 249,88 !!! But the custumer paid via PayPal 249,89 !!! If I set product 1 to 168,06 the programm make whole price 249,90 NOT 249,89 !!!

What can I do?? Is there a possibility to set the Tax Config with more then 2 numers after the comma????:



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in the Country Config I found something like: Valutaposition $18.00 - there is an option to change to $18.000 !

1) Will this slove my problem??

2) if I set this there comes a warning that all valutas of all my invoices will be damage!! ??? What will be with the invoices? I have several hundert of them....


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Hmm, I don't know. That's in the regional tab in preferences. I would assume that it's giving you that warning because once you change something it does affect other invoices. For example, if you change the headers to say something different, (such as Ship Date instead of Invoice Date), it doesn't change it from this point forward, it changes it for any invoice you look at, including old ones. In this case, the only way I know of to save an invoice exactly the way it was is to save it as a pdf.


But you're talking about pricing here. Again, I don't know, but based on what I just said plus your warning box, it will probably change the pricing structure for all invoices. This would throw off some of your records by a few coins, which could add up depending on how many invoices you already have. You would probably have to then go in an manually change those invoices back to what they were.


Make sure you backup your data before playing around with it! Have you tried contacting customer support?


Anybody else have any input?

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Hallo. I´ve done it.. all invoice changed as you said (there are many ...) it was ok, but then the endprice looks like this: for example: 21,987 Euro - this is NOT fine! nobody has got invoices like that !!! So I change it back! I thing no of the old invoices were damage by this changes... the fact is, if I want the price o a product netto, I need to make it manually hoping that it will round exactly (to work with 0,000 is not a option) :(((

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