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I want to leave silence between splits


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I tried Slice several years ago and was not completely impressed with the results. Recently, I decided to give it another try and was pleasantly surprised with the improvement. I don't know if it was because Slice got better or I got older - but it's darned near perfect for what I need now.


With the advent of downloadable audio books, I no longer have to rip dozens of CDs before I travel. But they usually download as a bunch of single files, each representing a complete CD. The better ones have distinct separation points between 'tracks', usually a silence of three or more seconds. Slice splits these files very nicely but, apparently, removes all that silence leaving the tracks with no leading or trailing silence. When I play these on most computer programs, I can specify a gap between tracks, but not so on my portable MP3 player, nor my car stereo. The result is that the end of each track is cut off and the beginning of the next track steps on the previous track.


In the 'Options' >'General'>'Other Settings' area, there is a choice for 'Overlapping Of Tracks' which sounds like it might be useful, but I can't find any reference to its use, either on the website or in the Help files.


Can someone tell me if there is a way to use Slice that DOESN'T remove the silence, only splits it? Or, if the 'Overlapping...' is what I need, how do I use it?


And the last issue that may be causing me problems is, according to the Version list, there is a V2.01 and my Slice indicates a V2.00, even though I've downloaded the most recent version available on NCH. The version list suggests that there was some fix relating to the 'Overlapping...' feature and I'm not sure my copy incorporates it.



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