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Editing of invoice numbers


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I need to change the invoice numbers on some invoices already created.

There doesn't seem to be any functionality in Express Invoice to allow editing of numbers? Can I use phpmyadmin or something similar to get it the database, and change them there? Where does the MySQL database sit on the Mac version?

I am at the point of needing to capture payments, but do not want to do this until the invoice numbers have been changed, so rather urgent.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Option 1) Delete these invoices and create new ones with your desired numbers. This may not be feasible if you have a large number of items per invoice, or if you have many invoices that requires the number changes.


Option 2) The latest Express Invoice version 4.13 allows to copy existing invoices to new ones with your desired invoice numbers. The feature can be accessed from 'Invoices List' window. After copying to new invoices, delete the old ones.

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