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Any Way to Recover Recordings after Computer Crash?

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As the title implies, occasionally my computer crashes in the middle of a recording. After booting back up, there will be a copy of the recording but since I was unable to end the recording before it crashed I am unable to access it. If I click Play, it will tell me it's converting the video file, but then gives the error message that it couldn't open the file. I suspect that in this case, I'm basically SOL, but if there is a way to recover the file somehow, I would love to hear it. Thanks for any potential help offered.

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"occasionally my computer crashes in the middle of a recording"


Is it only crashing when using Debut?


No... my Laptop (while still relatively powerful) is older-ish at this point and in prone to the random crash regardless of what it is I seem to be doing. Pretty sure one of my Hard Drives is faulty, but that's neither here nor there.


Thanks for responding...

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