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Fling stops scanning


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Looking for assistance with a Fling issue. About every 1-3 days, Fling will suddenly stop automatically scanning a source folder (using Fling to upload a single file to an FTP site). Manual scans work fine. Stopping and restarting Fling resolves the issue. Is this a known problem?


Fling 2.28 (registered)

Win7x64 Pro

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I had the same occurence on 2.34 (once only a few months after installation) on Server 2008 R2 64bit.

I poll 1 directory every minute for an FTP upload and delete from source.


The Fling and Windows logs didnt reveal anything. It just seem to stop without reason

I also go upload "OK" in the Fling logs and had files missing on the remote FTP server, scary!

I reinstalled and stable again ever since. Who knows if all the files actually upload, Im sending 1000's a day.


Check your memory to see if you are maxing out? I doubt you wil get any assistance from NCH for old version, or so they lead me to beleive. I get GUI only support (after paying extra for support) for these development type issues; about as useful as a a solar powered torch.


Good luck.

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