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Covert this audio file to normal mp3 or wave

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Hi Folks,


I have a file in compressed wave format. I do not know the compression ratio and I want to convert it to a normal wave or mp3 file. Please guide me on how to do it and which software is used for that. I want to share the file with you but I do not know how to attach it to this topic, can anybody guide me on this?



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Could you describe/explain the compressed wave format?

Not sure if this will help but the simplest way is to open Switch and drag the file onto the window. (Or you can use 'Add File(s)' to browse for the file.)

Use the 'Output Format' drop-down to choose the format you prefer, and use the 'Encoder Options...' button to choose the Format/Attributes you prefer. If you are going to burn a cd, for example, you would want to choose PCM Uncompressed (windows) and 44100 Hz, 16 Bits, Stereo. When converting to MP3 I believe the best option is Constant Bit Rate @320 kbps, although that may depend on your use and/or file size preference.


It should be noted that if the wave is a lossy compression (as opposed to a non-lossy compression format like .flac) you will not be able to replace any 'missing' quality by converting to higher quality format/attributes.

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