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Mic background noise ("static"/"hiss") - can it be removed/avoided?

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Hi there, guys.


How can I remove/avoid excessive background noise when I record my vocals using MixPad?




Is there any way to remove noise from a track that you've recorded? I know that another programme, "Audacity", has a feature that removes background noise - you simply highlight some noise, then you tell the programme to recognize it, and then you ask it to remove it from the whole track in question.

Does MixPad have a similar feature?




Of course, removing noise from at track isn't necessary if the recordig is free of background noise in the first place. What kind of setup/gear would be the best way to avoid background noise when recording?


Here's my own "setup" as it is right now:

A t.bone GM-55 (dynamic) microphone connected directly to a USB-port in my PC with a XLR-to-USB cable.


It's very basic, and the amount of background noise this generates in MixPad is pretty horrific.

Should I use another kind of cable to connect the mic to the computer?

Should I buy another kind of microphone?

Should I use a preamp or some sort of software to get rid of the background noise?



Any advice is very welcome. Thank you in advance!

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