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My Video Files will not move as I play the sequence.. Please help!

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I'm trying to edit together a feature length film on VideoPad and I'm having a weird problem. I was using an old version of the program this morning, Version 3.04 and it kept crashing on me. So, I finally downloaded version 3.58. I opened the existing project I was working on with this new version, which is currently an hour and half long in length. I soon realized that I couldn't just get back to work, I had to let every single clip load. After an hour and fifteen minutes later, every single clip was loaded on the timeline and I went to go play the sequence, but yet again, the actual video image is like freezing, or not moving, but the sound is playing fine. If you pause the video, you will finally see the image on the screen move, but once you play the video again, the image on the screen yet again freezes and the audio continues to play. I have no idea what is going on here and I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem. Should I just start the whole project over again from scratch? I have no clue what to do... Please, if anyone could help me, I'd really appreciate it!!

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It would help folks analyze the problem if they knew your PC specifics: CPU, memory, hard drive space, etc.


Have you checked for an updated video driver from the chip manufacturer's WEB site?

http://geforce.com/drivers (NVidia)




It might also help to break the project into smaller chunks, saving each as a separate sequence to be combined after editing is completed.


Run Windows defragmenter analysis to see if it advises defragmenting the disk (NOT if it's an SSD). Control Panel|ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS|Defragmenter.

Clear Windows temp files. Using File Explorer, right-click the C: drive, click PROPERTIES, then click CLEAN UP.


When editing, shut down all other programs.

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Sounds as if your PC is just too slow to process the clips at the same speed as the sound. What format are the clips? If they are 1920 x 1080 HD MPEG4 you may get it running a bit faster if you convert to MPEG2. or you could try producing a set of proxy clips of smaller frame size and with the same name and location as the originals and use these for the edit and replace them with the originals when you export.

Your problem is also that you have to load all the cips when you load the project and this can take an age if everything is on the timeline. (But note my comment regarding the cache file.)

It may be more convenient with a big project, next time, to load a first group of clips to the media list and edit these, then saving the result as a sequence.

Load a second set of clips...edit them and save as a second sequence etc. This is what Borate suggests.

If you save the project after a sequence is created the time line is cleared and the program will load from the .vpj file faster.

Also remember that if you loaded your project directly into the later version of VP, the cache file would have been empty and it would have taken quite a time to regenerate, hence your 1hr wait. (Won't help the playing speed problem though :( but your work will load faster next time.



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I have same problem! When I try to watch my ''movie'' it just crash and doesn't play it, but I am not sure, what I should do for it, does it help if I change prewiew preset to low quality?

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