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Android app for purchased version

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I purchased Express Invoice this morning, and it would be handy for the app to produce invoices on the fly.


The free version is available on the Play Store, for versions 2.x and above. I have version 4.3 on a Galaxy S3, and i am told by Play Store that the free version isn't compatible with my handset.


Is there an app version that will interface with my paid desktop version, and that will work on an S3 running Android 4.3?



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You could use 'Web access' feature to interface the desktop version from the tablet.


First, you need to setup the 'Web access' on Desktop version from Express Invoice Options -> Web Access. Activate and test the connection, and create the web account from the same window.

Use the http://ipaddress:port that you setup to log on the web-interface from any web browser on your tablet or desktop.

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