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How to get rid of unused pages

Elizabeth Wright

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I switched my flowchart from vertical format to horizontal, so it could be taped to the wall and viewed by several folks at one time. I now have a flowchart with 96 pages, only 10 having anything to print. The bottom leftmost pages.


On the grand scale, the valid pages go from 0-100 vertically and blank pages are from 0 to -1200 vertically.

Horizontally the valid pages go from 0 to 2000, and the blank pages are from 0 to 3200 in every negative row, and 200 to 3200 in the bottom row following the valid pages.


How can I get rid of the blank pages, or at least print only the ones with something on them?

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ClickCharts automatically generates pages to fit the whole diagram in. Maybe there are some invisible objects (e.g. a transparent symbol) haven't been cleaned up while you re-arrange the diagram.


You can try:

- Pick up the invisible objects by dragging the selection box covering the empty space

- Copy just the visible parts to a new diagram (use selection box instead of "Select All").

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