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Process hangs during restore

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I was attempting to restore a backup file to a new machine running windows 8.1 and the restore process hangs at a point in the process. I was using a 'free' version of express zip downloaded yesterday and do not see a way to tshoot the issue. The process indicates restore failed and it fails at the same pt each time I run it. There is no addtl info on the restore window other than it failed.

I read where the express zip could be used to restore individual files. That option(Browse backup with express zip) is disabled on the job menu. Is that option only available with a purchased version?

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"Browse backup with express zip" will work on backup files that you created on the same machine that you're restoring to. You run a restore job, and with that job selected in the main window, you'll be able to select "Browse backup with express zip" from the job menu. You don't need a registered version of Express Zip to do this.


That being said, there does seem to be a problem with FileFort. This is being filed as a bug to be fixed in the next release.

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