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Broadcast music skipping


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I use Broadwave to broadcast a music stream. Every now and then, typically every minute or so (although never regular intervals) it will skip for around half a second - then resume. The meter on the broacast stream drops, so it is definately dropping the broadcast and resuming. Initially I thought this was in the processing (I use Stereo Tool) but having taken the processor out of the loop it still happens. On the listener side the gap is heard followed by a catchup skip as the buffer resumes. There is no obstacle to port 88, and the PC that is dealing with my broadcast is dedicated purely to the stream, I am on fibre broadband, with 10 meg upload speed, and a fixed ip so it does not seem to be a speed or connect issue. The PC is a quad core 2.66 Ghz with 4GB of RAM running XP 32 bit, I use Zara Radio (which is not skipping, I've checked) with VAC to connect the stream to Stereo Tool and on to Broadwave. The connection wizard on Broadwave says all is configured properly.


I am stumped as to why it skips, but it is really irritating. Anyone have any ideas?

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No it was not heat, was definately something to do with the server - I believe at intervals it checks for registration or something, despite being the full paid up version, and if the reply is late or not received properly, the stream is interrupted. Anyway, I sorted the problem and the stream has run flawlessly for three months - using Icecast2 server without yp, paired with edcast for the encoder. A little more setting up than Broadwave, granted - but free, and with exactly the same capabilities as Broadwave, plus the ability to transmit song titles to players like Winamp and Foobar.

Thanks for the support, Broadwave. Not.

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