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Unpaid Accounts Report


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I have just started using Express Invoice and I find that my Unpaid Accounts Report is showing a huge figure for money owed by a customer who does not own that much. My invoices list, however, is correct in showing which invoices he has paid and which he has not paid. Can anyone suggest why this is happening?

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I suggest to investigate further. There are few things I can suggest you to try:


1) One other way to look customer balances is through Customers window.

- Go to View -> Customers.

- Check the 'Balance' column for the customer in the table.

This balance should be same as the "unpaid accounts report" balance for the customer.


2) Now, find out the Opening Balance of the customer.

- Double-click on the customer from the list, and go to 'Info' tab.

If Opening Balance is big, this may be the reason for the huge figure.

- Adjust the opening balance and click 'OK'


3) Finally, look into customer statement.

- From the 'Customers' window, right-click on the customer -> Select 'Statement -> Preview, Print or Save Statement'.

- Select the desired time period, and click 'OK'

It should show you all invoices, payments, opening balance, and current balance for the selected period.


Hope this helps!

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You're a lifesaver! I had the same issue and couldn't figure it out for the life of me.


Problem is now solved.


As an aside I'm using the web version since the software is actually installed on my coworker's computer so it looked a little different to the way you described.


The opening balance figure was inflated as you suggested but instead of manually updating it, I simply clicked the "Recalculate" button and it corrected itself.


Thanks again!


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