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I see there is a new version of EA released.


Yay - I THINK. There's no release notes.


EA is a great program, I've been using it for years - but exactly WHY would I upgrade? What do I get for that?


Also - the 3 months thing just plain sucks.


NCH - you guys write some truly GREAT software. You really do. I've been a fan for a long time.


But the "3 months then buy it again" thing - is a bit rude. Especially when you release new versions that apparently have a bunch of undisclosed changes and a different version number.


Your pricing is fair for what I get, I would happily pay an upgrade fee every 3 months and just factor it as "4 * $xx = $xxx per year" - but you separate support from the software upgrades. And why would I pay for upgrades if I don't know if I will see any benefits from it?


You guys have the weirdest business model for a software company I have ever seen, and it leaves me feeling very uncomfortable. I know I'm not the only one.


TELL ME why I should be upgrading. Also - be regular with updates if there ARE benefits to the end user.


The previous (Windows) version to this one was released Nov 2013.


The MAC version hasn't changed since 30th August 2013.


That's not very regular.


Have there been no bugfixes between Nov 2013 and now?


I'm on the MAC version right now. About to change back to Windows with EA (easy enough to do) so this new release is perfect timing for me, and I'll happily pay the fee. Your software is perfect for me, easy to use, I love it.


But if it wasn't for the fact I'm moving back to Windows, given I have ZERO idea of what the new release would give me, why would I bother, other than if I didn't keep a copy of the latest version that I could grab before my upgrade period ran out?


ALSO - what is the deal with "Please be aware if you purchased more than 3 months ago you may need to purchase an upgrade to use the current version." - huh? MAY? MAY need to? I can say from experience - you HAVE to. What, is it a coin toss? Is there a random number generator built into the software that arbitrarily decides whether the latest version will work with your existing licence? Nope - you try and install a software version that is 3 months newer than when you activated your licence - you be screwed. Which is fair, but not apparently clear.


Why not be CLEAR guys? Your software, for what it does, the speed of it, functionality, size of install etc - is AWESOME. Pretty much ALL of your software is like that. You are talented and even inspired programmers. But the business model is kind of skewed.

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AGAIN - there is a new version of EA for Windows released - 4.96


Checking http://www.nchsoftware.com/accounting/versions.html - it isn't listed, there's no list of what has been changed.


Am I to buy this obeying the principle that "any upgrade is a good upgrade"? NCH - are you just phishing for moar monet? Has anything actually changed or are you just trying to drum up more income? I'm sure you aren't, but how would one know?


How about updating the Release Notes/Version History?

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