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Enlarge images to full screen


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One way...

Select the background image on the timeline, then right-click and choose CURRENT EFFECT PROPERTIES...or click the small arrow to the right of the Video Effects icon in the menu bar.

Then choose the SCALE effect. Or perhaps CROP may serve your purpose.

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If your images on the timeline do not have the same aspect ratio as the VP screen (16:9), e.g. if your image is portrait orientated instead of being landscape orientated, or is square etc, then you can, as Borate suggests use the Crop effect to trim your image to a 16:9 format. VP always tries to fit the image into the video frame without stretching it and If there is an aspect ratio difference then you will see a chequered area on either side, or at the top and bottom of your image when viewed in the left preview pane.(Rarely surrounding it)


Using the Crop effect will enable you to select an area of the image that will match the VP screen and so fill it, but this will depend on whether the image you have is such that you can afford to lose some of it.


Select the image (left click) on the timeline and then left click the little down arrow on the toolbar Video Effects tab. In the drop-down frame, select the Crop option. This will open the Video effects Crop window. Your image will preview with a cropping rectangle visible.


Ignore the sliders and click the Force the Aspect ration 16:9 button.

You can now grab and drag the sides of the rectangle by the yellow stars to outline the best part of your image. i.e. to exclude the chequered area. The rectangle can also be dragged as a whole unit.

Although this will lose some of the image it will now fit the video frame. It is up to you to select the best bit.


If you decide to use the Scale effect then this will enable you to again fill the VP frame but it will do this by distorting the image; stretching it vertically or horizontally. This will be more or less noticable depending on how far the image is away from an aspect ratio of 16:9.


The Scale Effects window has defaults (presets) which when selected will alter the image....e.g. 4:3 to 16:9. etc.

You can also use the width and height scale sliders to exclude the chequered area in your image by stretching or squashing the image.


Whichever option you select to make your images fit the screen there will be a downside.


If you want to add a background (usually top/bottom or sides) then you should place your image (with the chequered border) onto the overlay track (Video track 2) and then use a 16:9 background image on the main timeline (Video track 1) Set the images on the tracks vertically one over the other. You could also use a blank coloured frame to create a coloured background to your image.



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