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importing CSV file - data missing

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After importing the csv file, set up with the correct headings and matching them.....not all the data was imported. The cost price and sale price is missing as well as the sales tax. Any ideas? I really hate to have to go back and re-do 8,000 products to include the missing pieces.




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You may have formatted the cost price/sales price incorrectly. Make sure the field includes numbers and decimals only, no currency signs. Also, make sure the sales tax descriptor name that you placed in the field is correctly set up in Inventoria. You don't have to re-do the 8K items...just make the changes in the spreadsheet for the data that didn't import (if necessary) and then change the quantity for each item to 0. It should update each item with the new data without adding additional quantity.


Hope that helps!

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When I try to match the tax code, I've set up the codes *, P, G (both, PST, GST) and in the CSV file it looks like the records with *, G or P don't match any of these 3 codes? After the import it only comes up with 'none'?!


I was hoping not to lose my supplier info, the Iventoria item has a supplier data field but it doen't appear on the match data import dialog? Can it be added somehow? and maybe the custom felds too?

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