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Changing the size of an overlay image not working

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Hello everyone. I am trying to create a simple GIF animation using 5 images and some overlay images (mainly arrows). I have added the images in the correct sequence and am now adding the images to be used as overlays. I add the effects Position and Scale to get the overlays where I want them but for some reason the settings are not kept. The overlay images returns to its original size. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a know bug?


All images are PNG format and I am using version 3.22 of VideoPad.


Here is a video showing what I am doing: https://copy.com/wjzG6AsqldWG


Thanks for any suggestions!

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For unknown reasons, your 3.22 appears to be missing several fields in the EFFECTS window. One of them is SAVE, which would allow you to name the customized effect after resizing.

Works fine in 3.36 here. Try installing a later version of VP.

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There seems to be a similar problem with version 3.51.



Place a clip or image on the timeline and another image on the overlay track. (Covers the timeline correctly when played)

Now SCALE used to reduce the size of the overlay and POSITION used to move the reduced image to (In this case) top right.

The overlay thumbnails shows it positioned correctly now top right against a chequered outline.

First play of the timeline appears correct with reduced overlay in top right over the background main sequence image.

Following this, the right and left preview pane only shows full size image of the overlay. The Thumbnails below this however show the correct image of the main sequence image with the overlay top right.


So, although the thumbnails show everyhting correctly, the preview shows only the overlay fully covering the timeline.



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