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I have just spent several hours creating contacts in Reflect for all my clients.


I am trying to figure out how to send emails to them but just can't find out how.


I have configured the email part with my SMTP and password and all that. When I was done it opened a page that could not be displayed.


Please help!



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Hello people,


From what I'´ve learned, Reflect CRM is just a database for internal use, it is not designed for direct interaction with companies, leads or contacts. It is used as an internal solution to manage customer relationships.


The email of each account, contact or lead is set for contact information to show on reports and such.


What can be emailed from Reflect is an Account, Contact or Lead PDF report to the email address you input. For example, if you go to the Contacts tab, right click any contact and select "Email report for this contact", you'll then be asked to enter the destination email address, a text message for the email and the PDF report will be attached.

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