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Slice shows negative file size on some mp3s


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I just joined the forum to look into this problem. I've used Slice for a few years now and love it but just ran into this problem. I have a large file, a long audiobook, I like to slice into 5 minute segments so if I fall asleep or accidentally advance a track I don't have to FF through an hour long track (or in this case, the entire book). The file is an mp3 and I kept getting an error no matter what option for slicing I choose. I see the length shows a negative number though the properties of the file show the correct length. I re-encoded the file, even chose a lower bitrate to create a whole new file and smaller size but this new file does the same thing. :(

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Hi Liesje,


May be that you found a solution, but I found this forum, and your question, yesterday while searching for an answer to the same problem.


I was able to split the audiobook file (14+ hours, nearly 500MB) into two mp3 files by using the free audio editing program Audacity.

When I opened the resulting files in Slice, each showed a positive number for "length."

Slice then had no trouble splitting them into as many tracks as I wished.


I hope that it works for you as well.

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