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How can I adjust the size of my overlay video?

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I've been trying to adjust the size of my video overlay for ages but can't find out how.


Adjust an overlay image/video just as you would any other track. Right-click on the clip in the track|CURRENT EFFECT PROPERTIES|ADD EFFECT button.


For sizing, try the SCALE choice. There are many other others.

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From another post, there is a process that allows you to do it via the SCALE and then POSITION, to place an overlay at a specific position on the screen and size it. Do it in this order. Also, minimize the effects window to see the results. Helps to get the size and positioning right.


You can also use CROP to change size.

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I had some difficulty doing this but found that you need to add the position effect FIRST and then apply the scale.


I created effects to position four videos on the screen at the same time. Then saved the effect chains out (In the effects window ->FILE -> Save Effect Chain to File)


You can copy the text below (between the lines) to notepad and save it is and "effects chain file"

Filename = "Shrink to Bottom Left.vdc"








You can then open this effects chain file from the effects window in videopad.





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