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help please, why does it sound like this?

Guest trancedelux

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Guest trancedelux

Hi, i'm going to try to explain myself as good as i can since i speak spanish. My problem is that i'm recording from a mixer (dj) (using the mic in). now, it records and I can edit and save, no problem... the problem is that when i hear my recording, the music is like 'delayed'.. like when you walk and stumble haha, and i hear a lot of 'clicks'... i used the help function and tried editing.. applied low cut filter and things like that, as recommended in the help.. but nothing worked. I only noticed some more bright or clear sound but couldn't fix the problem. I couldn't find anything regarding the main problem i'm describing.. the stumble.. it's like you were hearing music in a discman and the batteries were running out.. i hope you can understand it.

Thanks in advance, greetings from Chile!

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