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I am running Debut on a retina Macbook Pro with Maverick OS, I can not get Debut to access the screen for screen capture. All I get is a black screen, can anybody help please? Apart from Firefox and Debut, there are no other applications running.


Thanks in advance

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Sorry to go back to an old topic, but I also have the registered version and it records just a black screen (a minute's worth of recording comes to about 900 kb but I get sound no problem and there is no preview in the box, so all is done from hot keys. It has worked fine previously so any thoughts would be appreciated.

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In the last day or so, I've noticed that I get a black screen instead of the screen cap when I record from Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. I did get a successful recording of my desktop. I'm on Win 7. I note that the Help talks about disabling "video acceleration" or "overlay video" but it doesn't provide any further advice. I downloaded the latest Debut version today but it didn't help. In fact I just tried recording this screen (Firefox) and it came out black.


Is this a new thing, what am I doing wrong?

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