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Newbie to WavePad - need to remove distortion on recording

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I've downloaded WavePad but I have absolutely no idea how to use it. All I'm looking to do is remove some interference from a recording that I made which is covering up the noise of the people speaking.


Any help would be appreciated.


I'm an Express Scribe user and have followed the usual guidelines to no avail.

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Don't know if this will help, but received this info in an NCH email yesterday:

Audio Tip: Remove Background Noise

If you record meetings, lectures, interviews, or even yourself practicing the guitar, you might end up with some unwanted background noise. Clean up those recordings using WavePad audio editor.

  • From the Effects tab, click the Cleanup button and select Noise Reduction, Audio Spectral Subtraction. Click the preset drop-menu and select voice or music, then click OK to apply.
  • From the Effects tab, again click the Cleanup button and select Noise Reduction, Multi-band noise gating. Select a preset, then click OK to apply.
  • If using the presets don't give you the best results, try using lower levels on each type of reduction.

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