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I've downloaded switch trial version to find a way to covert songs from mp3 to wma so my walkman would play the burnt cd. I've played a few burnt cd's in this walkman and the only ones it played without continual interuption were ones that were in wma format. I can't find a conversion to wma in the settings of switch. Can anyone help with this problem?



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wma is a microsoft proprietary format, we don't support converting audio to that format sorry.


How did your walkman fare playing standard audio cds? You can use Express Burn (www.nch.com.au/burn) to burn an audio cd and see if the walkman likes it or not.

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Microsoft has a free converter to convert Mp3 to WMA. First place to look is in Microsofts Media Player 10 if you can't find it there go the the Microsoft support site.

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